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How to İnstall Ehcp On Ubuntu ?

Ehcp is a an opensource FREE website control panel it allows you to host your websites, create emails add ftp accounts and subdomains etc, ehcp is really easy to install and easy to use but I personally think that it uses lot of memory ram. Lets start with the installation process.

Make a fresh installation of ubuntu then SSH to your server/VPS and run the following command to download the latest version of ehcp to your server

wget www.ehcp.net/download

Now lets extract the downloaded tgz file

tar -zxvf ehcp_latest.tgz

Now switch to ehcp folder

cd ehcp

Now run the installation script

start install.sh

after a few prompts, you will be asked your name and email,
then, you will be asked mysql pass and so on..
after a successful installation, open your web browser, and go to http://your.ip.number/
(if you are in local gui of your server, the browser will open automatically)
You should see default ehcp index page.

For more information visit www.hosting.10tl.net